ACT Blade: The next generation

The lightest and only modular wind turbine blade reducing the Levelised Cost of Energy by 7%


The novel ACT Blade is a tensioned textile covered wind turbine blade that can actively change the shape to control loads. Because of if patented novel construction method and use of textile, the ACT Blade can be up to 32% lighter than conventional blades, enabling it to be 10% longer and directly contributing to the production of 9% more energy with a 7% reduction in the LCOE. The component-based ACT Blade will reduce the cost of tooling by 60%. Its factory will also be 47% smaller than those of conventional blades.

Current Status

In February 2020, the ACT27, a prototype of the ACT Blade in its Minimum Viable Product  configuration, survived static tests at the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult in Blyth, England. Fatigue tests are currently undergoing


Textile + Modularity

Lower Production Costs

Higher Flexibility

Lower weight

Bigger Blades

Higher Energy Production

Lower LCOE

The textile-covered blade construction enables modular manufacture and assembly with reduced up-front investment and potential for final assembly close to site.

A lighter blade can be longer while remaining within the load limits of the rest of the turbine, and therefore have higher annual energy production which directly reduces LCOE.

Sustainability: the ACT Blade Impact

The ACT Blade is a leap forward in blade technology enabling longer blades and directly contributing to the production of 9% more energy from renewables with a 7% reduction in the cost of energy.

  • It offers real potential to increase the use of wind energy and displace the carbon emission of conventional power generation
  • ACT Blade modularity and end-of-life design principle foster material and process innovation and use of waste and recycled materials
  • Carbon footprint: at similar length, producing an ACT Blade requires less material, produces less waste and overall requires less energy to be produces.

About Us

Introduction to ACT Blade Europe Srl

Successful Innovation

ACT Blade Europe was founded in October 2019 to commercially exploit the ACT Blade technology. Led by Managing Director, Dr Sabrina Malpede, designer of the world’s fastest racing yacht, the America’s Cup boat, the ACT Blade exploits the same aeroelastic science and innovative design to create the world’s lightest and only modular wind turbine blade. ACT Blade Europe is supported by sustainable energy innovation accelerator KIC InnoEnergy.

Dr Sabrina Malpede, graduated as aeronautical engineer at the University of Federico II in Naples, she was awarded with a PhD from the University of Glasgow in 1997. In 2003, Sabrina won the Royal Society of Edinburgh Enterprise Fellowship in 2003 and a SMART Scotland award for her development of a novel product in the field of rig design in 2004, which is now marketed by SMAR Azure Ltd. She has a fifteen years’ experience in managing the start-up process to commercialization of innovation. Since 2015, she has managed the development and funding of ACT Blade technology from the outset for which in 2020 she was nominated as finalist of the SEMTA skills Energy Revolution award.


The completely vertically integrated textile manufacturer has headquarters and a primary production unit in Waregem (BE), with daughter companies in Germany (Fuchhuber), Spain (Estambril), Suzhou (CN) and Dhaka (BD).

Since 2018, ACT Blade textile is co-developed with Concordia Customer Specific Solutions, their business unit with a mission for research, development and production of state of the art textile solutions for selected industrial markets.


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